Analytical Essay Topics: Top-100 Ideas for Analysis

  • Apr 02, 2020

We bet all students have wondered once in their lifetime whether their professors' imagination is boundless because of all those impossible tasks they ask you to prepare. Sometimes you have no time just to relax and enjoy a movie or book for another fifteen minutes. An analytical essay is one of the writings you can be assigned to prepare, and here, we're going to discuss it in detail.

Such an essay is not about retelling a book or describing some actors' amazing costumes, unfortunately. The analytical essay requires you to examine a real problem through the prism of a poem, novel, movie, or your own experiences. Though being challenging, this task can be inspiring and let you discover some interesting things, concepts, and ideas that were previously overlooked due to their possible insignificance. Also, this paper frequently raises some vital questions that have remained unanswered until now and, therefore, need to be resolved urgently. So, the analytical essay topics can vary depending on what aspect of life you would like to analyze, criticize, or interpret the most. They can be related to society, nature, movies, TV serials, books - almost everything, and that's why many students find it difficult to find a perfect essay prompt for themselves.

What is a good causal essay topic? The one that arises the audience's interest right from the start! And those are exactly the topics we're offering you here. We are sure that among them, you will be able to pick the one that will inspire you and help to prepare a good assignment easily.

100 Best Analytical Essay Topics List for any Occasion

An analysis essay topic may either be assigned by a professor or by the student themselves, depending on what priorities and ideas they have. We've spent some time analyzing what topics could be the most thought-provoking and interesting to speculate on, so here are some catchiest and enjoyable topics for your analytical essay.

10 Social Problems Essay Topics

Of course, you can implement your analytical skills to solve different issues.

  1. The major reasons for people being either introverts or extroverts.
  2. The consequences of corrupt practices in educational institutions.
  3. The question of cultural dominance in multicultural families.
  4. How to strike a balance between career and family?
  5. Use of drugs in sports.
  6. Legalization of abortion.
  7. How single-parent families affect children's psychology.
  8. Why do people of different genders communicate differently?
  9. Health issues and decreasing birth rates.
  10. What factors led to a large number of homeless people, and how can it be decreased?

10 Job Essay Topics for Effective Analysis

We spend most of our lives in our offices, so the following topics are definitely worth being considered.

  1. Pros and cons of being a freelancer.
  2. The issue of increasing unemployment rates.
  3. Who is a good team leader?
  4. Discrimination of disabled persons in the workplace.
  5. The decline of trade unions in the UK.
  6. What influences work evaluation?
  7. Factors leading to job satisfaction.
  8. Successful job interview and its influence on communication at the workplace.
  9. Lack of motivation within the context of job performance.
  10. Issues individuals face while working in a foreign country.

Political Essay Topics: A Prominent 10

Politics affects a lot of people, so its matters should be discussed as well.

  1. Ways of coping with the third world energy crisis.
  2. Challenges of fighting famine in developing countries.
  3. The implication of urbanization in developing countries.
  4. Influence of information technologies on long-term economic growth.
  5. Public sector and its growing strength.
  6. What guarantees the fairness of politics?
  7. A successful election campaign to influence people's choices effectively.
  8. The political process within the context of global tragedies.
  9. How are political ideals of different times interrelated?
  10. Examination of civil war phenomenon.

10 Personality Essay Topics Worth Analyzing

Every person is a deep secret, and that will be interesting to write an essay on one of the topics below.

  1. What makes teenage girls idolize male celebrities?
  2. What causes people to fall in love at first sight?
  3. How personal phobias affect successful communication.
  4. Sexual identification at different ages.
  5. Factors influencing the diversity of tastes.
  6. What do people need to feel happy?
  7. The interdependence of personal health and social support.
  8. The effectiveness of determining personality by hair or eye color.
  9. Expressing one's personality through style and behavior.
  10. Finding one's individuality in a world full of stereotypes.

10 School Essay Topics

Highlighting educational issues is always relevant. Studying is life, so it is important to be aware of the problems in this area.

  1. Importance of education.
  2. The problem of low-quality education in small towns.
  3. Should the government invest in schools?
  4. Ways of motivating students.
  5. Importance of choosing the right specialty.
  6. Interconnection of academic performance and knowledge.
  7. The secret of successful student-professor communication.
  8. Pursuing your path: setting priorities at school.
  9. The gender gap issue among high school students.
  10. Objective assessment of knowledge and skills at school.

10 Police Essay Topics

Apart from keeping our towns and cities safe, what are the aspects of police that we should consider?

  1. Justification of police brutality.
  2. What should police officers' retirement age be?
  3. Importance of transparency in crime investigation.
  4. Military issues within the context of police.
  5. How do regional differences impact policemen's reactions to offenses?
  6. The effectiveness of fighting police corruption it the US.
  7. Individuals committing minor offenses in police careers.
  8. Should juvenile offenders be given life sentences?
  9. Community police and its usefulness.
  10. Body cameras and patrol police.

10 Youth-related Essay Topics for Analysis

As a student, you understand the joy of youth and, on the other hand, notice the issues that cannot be neglected.

  1. Ways of informing teenagers about addictions.
  2. Why do young people become dependent on social media?
  3. Do teenagers pay attention to age-ratings while choosing a series or movie to watch?
  4. How can one deal with rebellious teenagers?
  5. Teenage cyberbullying: why do teens do it, and how can it be prevented?
  6. Young people running away from home.
  7. What kind of parenting is more effective for "shaping" a child's personality?
  8. How can a family's income influence teenagers' efforts in coping with difficulties?
  9. In what way can parents' relationships have an impact on their children's future families?
  10. What factors can cause juvenile offenses?

10 Analytical Essay Topics on Crime

You may avoid any crime-related topics because they are difficult or disturbing. But if you're brave enough, look through the topics we provide below.

  1. How effective are fines in fighting crimes?
  2. What motivates people who want to buy their way out of prison?
  3. How do people become accomplices to crimes?
  4. How do gangs encourage new members to join?
  5. Ways of dealing with petty theft.
  6. Can mass media encourage people to commit crimes?
  7. Are there any similarities between families and criminal gangs?
  8. The role of women in the criminal world.
  9. Criminal offenses in public institutions.
  10. How do children become criminals under the influence of older friends?

10 Literature Essay Topics

There's nothing more exciting than talking about the book you love, isn't it?

  1. Analysis of an author's central intention.
  2. How can an author's own experience be reflected in the book?
  3. Explore the book's cultural, historical, and social background.
  4. Analyze the magic of the main character.
  5. The meaning of the main events taking place in the book.
  6. The idea behind the book/poem.
  7. Key images used by the author.
  8. Various storylines in the novel.
  9. Metaphorical reflection of the real world in literature.
  10. In what way can the poem/novel affect the reader or society as a whole?


10 quality Essay Topics

Every day societies are confronted with different issues, and it's important to discuss them if we want to change our world for the better.

  1. The problem of gender equality in the office.
  2. Childhood and racism: the problems children face.
  3. Public attitude towards poor people.
  4. Why do working women face a reprehensible attitude in many societies?
  5. The problem of poverty within the context of education.
  6. The gap between rich and poor.
  7. Sexual discrimination at schools.
  8. Gender equality in managing household duties.
  9. How do service providers differentiate between people on the basis of their social status?
  10. Should unemployed members of society be allowed not to pay taxes?

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