Money-back Guarantee

Our academic writing company values its customers, and we do everything possible to satisfy all their expectations. We've always been aware of how significant it's for customers to know their legal rights and options offered by our company, this is why we wrote this section, namely our money-back guarantee. We're attentive to every single customer, and letting our clients be aware of all their privileges is one of the crucial elements needed to provide you with the best results.

In most cases, our clients don't turn to this feature thanks to our top-quality results that meet even very strict deadlines. Willing to make all the customers happy, we work tirelessly on every last order and provide our buyers with a free revision option.

Our service guarantees that your money will be refunded if your case fits the prescribed situations. Please be aware that typically the nuances of your case might influence whether you receive a partial or full refund.

100% refund

  1. Double ordering
    Once you learn that you accidentally placed two identical orders instead of one, get in touch with our consumer support - it'll help you return the money for the duplicate one. If the writer has been chosen, and our specialist is already working on your paper, getting a 100 % refund isn't an option anymore. That is why we ask our customers to place their orders carefully in order to avoid such an accident.
  2. Customer had cancelled their order before we found a suitable writer
    No in-depth clarification is needed in this case. You can get the whole sum back in case the writer hasn't been assigned by the cancellation time.
  3. Just too many tasks at hand
    Our company works only with professionals who have an in-depth expertise in several spheres, but even for experienced workers, it sometimes can be very difficult to cope with a heavy workload provided that the order requires very specific skills.
  4. In case you paid twice for one order
    This situation occurs very rarely, being done only by mistake. Speak to our client support agents once you notice that you were charged double the price for one order. Keep in mind, it is possible to get a full refund only after providing us with the receipts copies.

Partial refund

Additionally, there are some conditions, according to which you will be given a part of the sum back.

  1. Problems with timely order delivery
    It is a rare case, and yet there might be certain unforeseen situations preventing prompt delivery of the finished task. The amount is discussed with the customer and is determined by several factors. However, it sometimes is because of the customer's negligence. It sometimes could be difficult for us to begin working on the order because the client hasn't provided us with some necessary materials. In this case, there will be no refund. Ensure all the needed files are sent to us right after filling out the order form.
  2. Cancelling your order when it has already been assigned to our specialist
    In such circumstances, it's possible to get around 70% of your spendings back, and the remaining part would be used to pay for the writer's work done. Keep in mind that cancelling your order past the halfway point of the deadline enables you to receive around 50% of the whole sum paid.
  3. Issues after receiving a completed order
    If you aren't content with the final result, we can offer you a possibility for your claims to be analyzed by our managers. Your refund would be determined by whether your claims are reasonable and well-founded enough. We can assure you that we do our utmost for our customers to be pleased with the results, so these situations are very rare.
  4. Noticed plagiarism in your work?
    Any buyer, who's shown us the presence of plagiarism in the finalized work is eligible for a partial refund or revision.

No refund

  1. You got a lower mark than wanted
    We do our utmost to provide our customers only with superb papers, but, unfortunately, those cannot always guarantee the best mark, because it quite often will depend on your professor's or teacher's discretion and your own knowledge on the topic (e.g. when you must defend it).
  2. Choosing "polishing services" (proofreading, editing, formatting)
    We want you to be notified that if you ask us to do proofreading, formatting or editing, we cannot modify the content material of your paper. For this reason, we don't take any responsibility for claims associated with its content.

Money-back process

After we confirm the refund, your money is to be returned over a period not longer than five business days. If there are some problems during the transaction involving any third parties, remember that such complaints aren't subject to review.

Applying for a refund, keep in mind that its sum should be larger than 10 USD; otherwise, you just won't have the opportunity to use this option because of transaction fees needed by banks. If you want to get a refund immediately, you're offered an option to save this amount on your account to use it for your future tasks.

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