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When placing your Request for Whole Course, You agree to all the Terms and Conditions mentioned on this page. If You do not agree with any of the following Terms and Conditions, You should not be posting your Request.


There is no fixed price for the Whole Course as it depends on the number, type, and complexity of the assignments that will be completed by our company. After carefully examining the requested class, our team will provide the detailed quote for each assignment and the final price for the Whole Course completion.

The quote will be sent as e-mail, listing all the assignments that will be completed by Our Company and the number of pages/slides/problems/etc. that the assignment will take. If some assignments are missing or marked as "cannot be completed", that means they are not included in the price and will not be completed by Our Company. In case the tutor adds some assignments within the course of the class, and it can be completed by the Company, the additional payment will be requested.

The list of evaluated assignments can be discussed and changed before the payment for the Whole Course is processed. By proceeding the payment on the Whole Course the Customer confirms that he/she agrees to the offered list of assignments and their volume.

The only fixed parameters for every calculated quote are:

  • 15% discount*;
  • urgency of all the assignments is considered as 10 days regardless the timeframe that the writer will actually have to complete the task;
  • one of the Top writers assigned to work on the class without any additional charges**;
  • plagiarism reports provided for free on request**;
  • personal support agent that leads your class throughout its completion is also assigned without any additional charges.

Splitting payments

To be eligible for splitting the payment, the class must have at least 6 weeks to be completed by the Company. The payment can only be split in 2 transactions. The payment dates and terms are discussed with each Customer separately. Only the assignments that are fully paid for will be completed.

Quote creation

The quote for the Whole Course is provided within 24 hours from the moment the Request was placed.

Assignments that are not included to the quote:

  • Assignments that have less than 72 hours for completion from the moment the Request was made. The Customer can make a separate order for those assignments here;
  • Group assignments, Quizzes, Tests, Online Exams (midterm/final), assignments that do not have any details provided, cannot be calculated within the Whole Course.

The level of the Whole Course is determined by the first number of the course code: 1-2 - College, 3-4 - Undergraduate, 5-7 - Graduate, 8 and higher - PhD.


The only direct mean of communication with the Whole Course order team is by email (✉ whole_course@bestcustompaper.com) or order messages (addressed to Support). The Customer can still contact general Support team in the Live chat and by the common Phone lines and request to forward some details/messages.

*The discount cannot be changed to any other Promotional discount as well as summed up with the available discounts on the profile. If the discount rate, or any other quote detail, is changed by the customer before the payment is processed, the Company has rights to change the Order details to the ones that were provided initially. In case of repetitive changes by the customer, the company has rights to refuse from cooperation with the customer under the Terms of the Whole Course service.

**The usual charge for the Top writer is additional $10 per each page; the usual charge for 1 plagiarism report for the paper is starting from $12.99.

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  • Affordable Prices
  • Excellent Support Team
  • Easy-To-Use Messages
  • Professional Writers
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  • Free Formatting
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Writing Standards
  • Number of words:
    275 words per page (double spaced)
  • Font:
    Times New Roman, 12 Pt
  • Margin:
    1 inch (2.54 cm)
  • Citations:
    Properly referenced

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