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Writing a rhetorical analysis? Stuck on the first stage? Not a problem for us! We've put together an elaborate guide that explains all the details and tricks about such an interesting type of essay. We even have some original topics here!

We'd like to inform you... how to write an informative essay! Ha! See what we did there? With our expert tips and helpful guidelines, your essay will become a pretty little candy of academic excellence. Hop on board of professional academic writing!

Writing a lab report has never been so easy! Explore our guide to learn all the peculiar details of this paper, and come out on top with an excellent report that will baffle your peers and professors. All the parts and tips are here. Read away!

Have you ever tried to pitch an idea to go to a bar to your friends? Writing a proposal paper is a lot like it, but with more things riding on it, including the readers' support and agreement with your point of view. We are here to tell you all the secrets of writing a good proposal paper!

You can be a master of introductions and a ruler of body paragraphs, yet it's all worthless if you don't know how to properly finish your essay. We've put together all the basic rules you need to follow to make your conclusion paragraph a work of art!

Are you sure that you know every essay type there is? And what getting assigned a certain essay entails in terms of requirements and specifics? We've prepared an article that expounds on 10 common essay types, explaining their similarities and differences. Become an essay writing expert with us!

Observing the world around you is fascinating. It is especially interesting to put all those thoughts on paper and see how your skills reflect your perception of nature, or a parade, or a meeting. We will help you make your essay so vivid that your readers will feel like they've seen it all themselves!

In the era of globalization and industrialization, environment essays are one of the most popular and important academic assignments. However, how to choose the ideal one among the environmental essay topics? What is better - to write about the animals, or to emphasize the water pollution problem? In this article, we will guide you through the most vital aspects of the environment!

A thematic essay is undoubtedly a piece of work. But our guides have proved to be the salvation of struggling students, and this one is not an exception! We've covered everything - from structure and outline to the topics. Open it!

Have you ever tried stopping in your tracks and analyzing something peculiar that had happened to you? Have you ever been assigned to it by your college professors? But it's one thing to think over your life while talking a walk, and it's entirely another to write an academic paper! With our article, you will learn how to properly write a reflective essay and make it captivating and grade-winning.

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