How to Write an Observation Essay - Clear Guideline for Students

  • Aug 28, 2018

Do you like walking around your neighborhood? Do you like to observe the behavior of kids and admire the nature? Are you a creative person who adores writing? If so, in all likelihood, you'll love writing an observation essay!

Students don't usually perform this task too often. For that reason, it is really hard to find a reliable guide to an observation essay that would help you write this paper perfectly and score the best grade. Our mission is to encourage you to create a great essay. Below, you can find a brief step-by-step guide aimed to answer questions you frequently ask yourself when it comes to this assignment.

How to Start an Observation Essay Effectively?

Firstly, we need to identify what it is. This is a simple creative task when a writer needs to describe in detail a certain event or situation. For instance, you visited an important parade in your city which amazed or shocked you. Now, your key objective is to describe your emotions and feelings in an essay. The best thing you can do is to start writing almost immediately after the event is finished. It is easier to reveal the situation when your impressions and memories are raw and fresh.

Even if you've got no time for writing, we recommend that you create short and simple notes; subjective impressions will help describe this situation better. Otherwise stated, the content of your essay should be based on your observations. And if, by any chance, you lack those, just order your one day essay from us!

Winning Tips on How to Write an Observation Essay Introduction

In some instances, it is really hard to start writing, but this is beside the matter at hand. If you are working on this assignment, you need to start with the explanation of the event you are going to describe, where it happened, and why you wish to cover this subject area (explain why this topic is important for you).

Commonly, your introductory part shouldn't be too long. Just one paragraph with a few sentences would do! Having studied it, your reader will immediately understand your overarching goal and the main idea of the whole essay.

What to Include in an Observation Essay Main Body?

This is the place where you need to display your observations. Your narration shouldn't be too long - 5 paragraphs at most. Nevertheless, if you're in doubt, you should pose this question to your teacher.

Right now, your key objective is to describe the workings in the chronological order. You should start by describing the event and the feelings which you experienced before. Create the "being there" feeling. It's also called the effect of presence, and to achieve it, you should describe such details as the interior design, nature sounds, the color of things that surrounded you, music, etc. You should also use the Present Tense while writing. Besides, don't forget about the use of transitional phrases that will help you make your story easier to read.

Tips on Writing an Observation Essay Conclusion

On the face of it, this task seems to be the easiest one. Partially, you are right, but not all students know how to make it great. There is one rule you should follow - your closing part is the place where you need to draw a conclusion. Thus, you have a sterling opportunity to vocalize here your personal viewpoint. What is your attitude to the described event or situation? Does it influence your attitude to some things? Were you amazed?

The best conclusion is the one that doesn't take more than a few sentences. Even if you are inspired and have a desire to continue writing, you should stop and adhere to the general structure.


Look Through Observation Essay Outline Example

If you wish to abide by the logical structure, you need to create an outline beforehand. Whenever you realize that you get stuck, you'll take a look at your pre-arranged plan and remember what idea you should cover right now.

In fact, your outline is your plan of writing. For that reason, before you take your pen, you need to create a short outline. Below, you can find the sample that will demonstrate what you should do with your own essay.

Topic: How I met My Favorite Actor

  • Introduction: Where did you meet? Describe the place where it happened and inform the readers about the general content of your essay.
  • Body paragraphs: Describe what was before your meeting, your emotions when you saw them, what you were talking about, etc. Describe this person, whether they are anything like you imagined, did you like them, were you disappointed? etc.;
  • Conclusion. A short overview of your feelings and emotions after this meeting.

You have just looked through a general outline on a random topic. Please, mind that it shouldn't be too long. You write it for yourself but not for your teacher.


Simple Observation Essay Topics for Students

  1. Describe your prom party.
  2. You have just met your old friend (you didn't see each other for more than 10 years). Write about your emotions.
  3. Is freedom important to you? Why?
  4. What is the perfect anniversary gift?
  5. Can you describe your life without parents? Right now you are a student and live on campus. Do you like this life?
  6. You have just visited Paris, London, or any other city of your dream. Please, write about your trip and your emotions.
  7. You received an offer to work at a successful company. Describe your emotions.

Brief Observation Essay Tips for You

Below, you can find a list of all the tips you should adhere to while writing. As a result, this task will be very easy for you!

  • Always create an outline before you start writing.
  • Try to be attentive to details while writing about a certain event.
  • Your topic should be based on your personal experience.
  • Structure the whole paper logically.
  • Don't forget to add an introductory part and a conclusion.
  • If you describe an event, do it in chronological order.

Dealing with this assignment, you aren't meant to sift through millions of books. This task is all about your subjective impressions, and that is why students really like it!

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