Psychology Essay Writing - All the Nuances

  • Jul 23, 2018

Learning about the workings of a human mind is an extremely fascinating thing. There are myriads of little things inside one person's brain, and examining its chemistry can take up a lifetime. But what if you're still just a college student? More so, what if Psychology isn't even your Major? But you still got assigned a psychology essay in your class? You took up a course because it seemed interesting, but now you're stuck with a tricky assignment when you have no idea how to write a psychology essay. Well, you have come to the right place. Perhaps, our guide on how to properly compose this paper will help you achieve success!

Psychology essay writing - all the right angles

No matter your major, psychology essay writing can be a hard thing. It has its pitfalls and loopholes, and we will try to cover them all. The first thing you have to worry about is the art of writing itself. Are you good at doing research and creating outlines? Do you know which words are appropriate in the academic writing, and which ones are better to be left in drafts? If you don't feel like you're that good of a writer, do not despair. There's a ton of online courses and tutorials. And, of course, practice makes perfect. So try writing as often as you can, be it something you got assigned in class, or just a random philosophical thought you came up with while in the shower. Teach yourself always to have a notebook around, and write!

Only when you are confident that your penmanship level is sophisticated enough can you take up psychology essay writing. Now, let's get into the whole definition of this type of paper.


So, you have a blank document all ready for your excellent words to be spilled onto it. But first, what is psychology essay? Before you can form any thoughts or theses, you have to grasp the meaning of the definition first.

Simply put, a psychology essay is an analysis of a certain psychological issue, and disputing its supporting and disproving arguments. It is not simply an assembly of facts. You need to utilize your critical thinking skills and dissect the problem into its core parts. You had to learn something in that psychology class, so put that to use! And well, if something goes wrong, you can always buy a high-quality essay from our company!


Regarding the psychology essay format colleges usually require to style it according to APA format. It means:

  • Times New Roman font - it's clear and looks good.
  • Double spacing.
  • A shortened name of your essay on top of every page.
  • Page number on the right.


It may seem hard to find interesting essay topics for psychology. But if you're really into this subject, all you need is stumble upon some field, and you're all set. Here, let us help you! You can draw your theme from one of these parts of psychological studies:

  1. Postnatal depression.
  2. Manipulation of consciousness.
  3. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD).
  4. Teen Depression.
  5. Social Anxiety.
  6. Introvertism vs. Extrovertism.
  7. Mental impact of bullying.
  8. Positive influence of music.
  9. Treatment of autism in children.

Research for your psychology essay

Like with any other assignment, you have to set out on a proper research expedition for your psychology essay. Dig out all those books and websites. Once you've decided on your topic, you need to gather as much information about it as you can. But don't just get it all in one big pile. As the process of compiling goes on, divide all the data into categories. Separate everything and maybe even create a little table of contents in order to make a process of finding what you need later on easier. Use highlighters, bright stickers, and post-it notes. Cross-reference all your research. Prepare your work zone, and the future you will thank you!

Psychology essay structure

And finally, after the topic is decided upon and the research is done, it's time for actual writing. The most correct way to go about it will be preparing a psychology essay outline. Draft up all the things you want to mention and scheme how and when each part will come in the essay. Your psychology essay structure doesn't need to be overtly complex. It's the familiar and standard arrangement. You have an introduction, main body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Speaking of which, let's go through each of these parts. And we will start with good ways to start a psychology essay.



Everything is set, the pen is ready, the research is done. There's only one issue left. How to write a psychology essay introduction? It's pretty simple, to be honest. A good way to start off a psychology essay is to provide your reader with some statistic, the more terrifying, the better. People love reading about awful things happening to someone else, so lead them into your essay with some gruesome fact related to the topic you're writing about. That is what professional writers call 'hook sentences.' You need to intrigue your readers, make them go 'wow', and read further.

After you lured them into reading your paper, you need to state your psychology essay thesis. Thesis is a statement you make regarding your perception of your essay. What are you disputing? What are the facts you're basing your research upon? How can you prove it? Summarize it all in one or two sentences and put it at the end of your introduction. Remember, though, that the thesis isn't a conclusion yet. So don't give everything away. Don't talk about the arguments you're going to use, or else there will be no point in writing the rest of an essay, and the thesis will stop falling into its own definition. As they say, 'no spoilers.'



Body paragraphs of your psychology essay should include several arguments which correlate to your main thesis. The scheme is old and familiar:

  1. Topic sentence.
    The essence of your argument, short and precise statement.
  2. Exemplification.
    Draw the facts, showcase how your argument is supported by your sources. Use as many as you can to successfully prove your point, but don't overflow it.
  3. Corollary.
    Make a brief conclusion of the paragraph. Phrase it in a way that will be easy to later connect to your overall conclusion.

Here are the time and place to utilize all that research you've worked so hard on. Mention everything regarding your topic sentences. Once again, don't make it way too stuffed. Structure the paragraphs in an easy and seamless way. The transition must be flow-like. Imagine that a complete newb in psychology is reading your essay. Explain everything in clear terms.


When you can almost see the finish line, it is time to figure out how to write a psychology essay conclusion. Go over the rest of your essay once again. Focus on your thesis and topic sentences. Are you sure you've achieved every goal you set for this paper? Is everything covered? Everything mentioned? Only when you are sure there is nothing more you can add to the essay, it's time for you to write your conclusion. Compile everything you've covered in a laconic and concrete form. Give your reader a sense of closure, like after reading a really good book. If someone is left with any questions after reading your essay, it means you didn't do your job properly.

Your psychology essay is supposed to be a good picture - all the colors are gradually combined and complement each other, every detail is in its place, and the overall aesthetical expression is flawless. So make sure to follow each step, and don't worry - if something goes wrong, there are always services that can help you write your psychology essay. Good luck!


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