Persuasive Essay Topics

  • Oct 19, 2018

Selecting a subject that matches your talent and scope of interests is very important when you're writing a persuasive essay. It makes showcasing your writing skills a breeze. However, it is recommended that you avoid very common topics or the ones that every student is willing to write on. It might seem just boring in the readers' eyes, and may result in you scoring lower than you desire. Make sure you understand the subject you write on so that you stay on course during the writing process.

Writing a persuasive essay or paying for an essay is reminiscent of writing an argumentative essay, whereby the former is less of a polemical nature with the main emphasis on different points such as the willingness of the reader to undertake new ventures, for example. You are supposed to persuade the audience of your argument. You should put forward some evidence, facts, and examples to support your own opinion and make it credible and trustworthy. Put it simpler, so that the reader is directed to the main idea, and can easily recognize and accept (!) your message. Given that the reader can have a different opinion upon the subject in question, it takes time and effort to make your claim as accurate and persuasive as it should be to hit the mark.

You should always have a firm idea of how to ensure that you understand what you are doing and what the resultant piece of writing is about. Should you miss the point and fail to grasp the idea, don't be surprised at what comes next: a boring essay without any message. Fear not: the topic can be on any subject you find interesting! Just research a little and settle on something you find exciting.

Good Persuasive Essay Topics by Academic Level

Persuasive Essay Topics for Kids

This is an essential practice for kids in their early ages to hone their writing skills. It is a method of having them sharpen critical reasoning to persuade a person into doing or thinking something they desire. Below you may find a few interesting topics to choose from:

  1. School uniforms should be phased out, and every pupil should dress as they like.
  2. Kids should be allowed to go to bed anytime they want even though it may be pretty late.
  3. I should be given candies to eat every day.
  4. Pupils should be allowed to use their phones when they are at school freely.
  5. Homework should no longer be given because it steals children's playtime after lessons.
  6. Why is it very interesting to be the only child without a single sibling, or why is it best to have siblings than being the only child?
  7. Explain with good reasons why a specific season (winter, summer, fall, spring) is your favorite.
  8. What is your most favorite TV-show and why would you encourage your colleagues to watch it as well, is it educative to children?
  9. Is there a need to write tests at all at school?

Persuasive Essay Topics for Middle School Level

  1. What would you want to be when you grow up (please give reasons)?
  2. If you have the means to make something disappear in your life what would it be and what is your reasoning?
  3. If you are asked to make 3 wishes what would you wish for and why?
  4. How do you feel about bullying? What should schools do to prevent it?
  5. Is it rewarding to be honest?
  6. If you won money, what would you spend it on?
  7. What would be the one thing you'd change in the world and why?
  8. Write about an event that happened to you when you had to be brave. How did you do it, and what did it feel like?
  9. Are you good at writing?
  10. Write about something that made you work very hard to get a result.
  11. Was there any time you argued with your family member or friends? How did you feel about it?
  12. Have you ever thought of switching places with someone and why?
  13. Was there any big mistake you made? How did you solve it?
  14. Write about a time you were very angry and what happened.
  15. What are the 3 things that are very difficult for you to do and why?
  16. Can you remember the last time you were very scared? What were you afraid of?
  17. What is your hero's name and why?

Persuasive Essay Topics for College Level

  1. Write about artworks, books, painting, or poems that had a huge impact on your life.
  2. Should students be allowed to examine their teachers?
  3. What are the best incentives for good performance at school?
  4. What punishment is due for inappropriate behavior at school?
  5. What is the thin line between video games and real-life violence?
  6. Should Government detain suspects (e.g., thieves, terrorists) without trials?
  7. Should prayers of any kind be allowed in high school?
  8. Should alcohol be allowed on school premises?
  9. Do you think people should have a license before learning how to drive?
  10. Should family members conduct business with their family?
  11. Should discounts be offered to anyone you know in business?
  12. Do introverts make for good leaders?
  13. How does the number of students in class affect the students' performance?
  14. Do you think education should be available to all gender groups?


Funny Persuasive Essay Topics

  1. Should you believe every word you hear in an infomercial?
  2. Should funny cat videos be allowed on YouTube?
  3. Are men happier than women?
  4. Do men get intimidated by women who are good-looking?
  5. Do you think women can perform better than men?
  6. If gas prices grow, should wages grow either?
  7. Becoming a vegetarian: does it make life better?
  8. Is time-travel a reality or just a fad?
  9. Should men wear skinny jeans?
  10. Is it ok for parents to inspect your Facebook?

Easy Persuasive Essay Topics

  1. How can cars that are driven by remote controls be a change in human life?
  2. Can people invest in the Bitcoin or does it have no future?
  3. Do people get much help staying fit using the fitness apps?
  4. Are those at single-sex schools more focused, well-behaved, and well-disciplined compared to those that are studying at mixed-sex schools?
  5. The weekend should be extended with one more day so people can rest well before resuming work or classes every week.
  6. No teenager should be allowed the purchasing of any contraceptives without their parents' consent.
  7. Due to the need for using the Internet at all times, there should be a law of enforcing free wifi to the public.
  8. Every student who finds interest in bullying other kids at school should be expelled once reported to the teacher or the principle.
  9. Could making fast-food prices higher and making the prices at the gym lower help fight obesity?
  10. People should not be allowed to keep aggressive dogs as domestic pets.
  11. The government should control the number of couples who are not financially stable to control overpopulation.
  12. The colleges and universities should be more strict on the students that commit crimes on campus.
  13. Every person working in the medical field should undergo a medical examination every year.
  14. Nurses and doctors should be frequently tested for drug addiction.
  15. Hospital bills should be lowered for the people with low income, and they should be exempted from paying any consultation fee.

Controversial Persuasive Essay Topics

  1. Polygamy should be officially legalized so that men can have the number of wives they wish.
  2. The effects that child abuse has on the individual's future.
  3. Child molesters, rapists, and murderers should be tortured and not just be thrown into jail or prison.
  4. There should be chips implanted in the kids living in overpopulated countries for easy location in case of abduction.
  5. HIV drug kits should be available for purchase at every drug store, so people do not have to go to the hospitals for help.
  6. Is it acceptable for relatives to get married when they feel they are in love with each other?
  7. Is it suitable to show obscenity on TV, how harmful it is, what is the negative impact it has on the kids?
  8. If a teen commits a serious crime, should they be given a death penalty?
  9. When is a person supposed to report domestic violence?
  10. Should the government intervene on the fast-food menus and prices?
  11. How can cyberbullying be managed and handled and how are those guilty of cyberbullying supposed to be dealt with?
  12. Is it fair to always blame the victims for the rape?
  13. Does the government do much to safeguard innocent people from falling prey to human trafficking?
  14. Do children who watch a lot of violent movies end up being violent to those around them?

Sports Persuasive Essay Topics

  1. The college athletes don't get paid for the effort and time they put in the school team whereas the coaches get paid when the team wins a game or match.
  2. Girls drop out of sports more often compared to the guys, how to encourage them to stay?
  3. Every school, college, or university that wants its students to excel in sports should hire professional coaches to train them.
  4. Why do women wrestlers not get as much recognition compared to male wrestlers?
  5. In competitions, the prize money should be equal for both the male and the female competitors in the same type of sport.
  6. Are there any advantages to the country that hosts the Olympics?
  7. Hockey has a lot of fans that support it, but the media coverage is inappropriately too small.
  8. Can a female athlete's weight loss have an impact on her professionalism?
  9. Students should always be taught about healthy eating habits to reduce the number of people getting obese.
  10. Injuries can lead to depression in people who play sports. How can this risk be reduced at an early stage?
  11. What are the frequent type of injuries that occur to the basketball players?
  12. Soccer has less extreme injuries than American football or rugby.
  13. Should people who do any sport take drug substances to enhance their performance?
  14. Women in sport should train with female coaches.

Animal Persuasive Essay Topics

  1. How to train your pet at home.
  2. Why do monkeys enjoy climbing trees?
  3. Why do giraffes have a neck and legs that are way too long?
  4. Do elephants know how to swim?
  5. What are the most dangerous pets people should stop keeping home?
  6. How do the animals in very cold and snowy places manage to survive in extreme weather?
  7. Should every kid have a pet of their own?
  8. People who are vegetarians should not have cats and dogs as pets.
  9. Pet owners should make sure that they take their pets for vaccinations annually before they fall sick.
  10. Is rooster-fighting an interesting game or is it just harmful to the pets?
  11. From time to time, the animals in the zoo should be taken to the jungle or forest where they will have companionship with other several animals and not feel entrapped all the time.
  12. Is it necessary to have insurance for your pet?
  13. Is it very unfair to keep a bird in a cage?

Medical Persuasive Essay Topics

  1. How effective are contraceptives and do they have any side effects when the person is ready to conceive?
  2. Should the law be shifted to make smoking being legal due to its hazardous nature?
  3. Can obesity be hereditary?
  4. Does having enough sleep have a positive impact on human health?
  5. How can people avoid falling into an eating disorder?
  6. How can you quickly and easily identify a teenager that is suffering from depression?
  7. Can an unborn baby's brain development be affected if the mother is going through depression?
  8. Can the use of caffeine boost the memory?
  9. Laughter is the best medicine, explain why.
  10. What are the causes of abusive relationships and domestic violence?
  11. Do people get harmful effects to their health with the greenhouse gases?
  12. What is the kind of help that can be offered to some other communities to have access to clean water?
  13. Does the greenhouse effect exist? Explain why or how?

So, here we are. Should you face a problem selecting a suitable topic for your piece of writing, please consider making us your ongoing assistance - you can count on us anytime!


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