Tips and Tricks on Writing an Essay about Yourself

  • Mar 04, 2019

The number of educational tasks that students get includes writing an essay about yourself, or simply a personal essay. It looks like an easy thing to do but a lot of students feel confused coming up with a good solution. It's always easier to write about someone else than describe your own path to educators. Students encounter troubles trying to avoid being overly self-centered in their essays, or they just don't know what to write about. Worry not, as we have prepared a right guide on how to write your personal essay and get these issues solved.

Choose an Appropriate Topic

An important part of all narrative essays is a good topic, which should be simple and not too argumentative. It is a common issue as you are usually supposed to write not more than 400 words. Squeezing something substantial into this volume may be challenging. Here are some topics you can choose:

  • My first work experience
  • People who influenced my choice
  • Bullying I suffered throughout my life
  • How I fell in love with Math
  • My best days in school
  • Spending time out of college
  • The effects of music lessons in life


This list can go on and on, but please mind: whatever you want to write about, do not ever go for one of these matters:

  • Religion
  • Politics
  • Gender issues
  • Racial matters

They may raise unnecessary bias and lead to unwanted discussions.

Make an Outline for Your Story

In many ways, creating an outline can simplify the process of composing a well-arranged story. It can sometimes be difficult to structure your text upon the ideas you keep in mind. Put your points on paper to see clearly in what way you can develop your story. Once you get a general idea of what your essay should look like, you can proceed to the next, more detailed step.

Start Your Essay Properly

The story should begin with an intriguing and sometimes even provocative statement. Such intro will trigger more interest than the one that starts with bog-standard phrases of introduction. It should set a question in your piece of writing, not just tell the reader what and who you are. An example of an attractive introduction can be a quote introduced in your text. If none of these work, you can opt for a joke that will make your essay less trivial.

Creating Paragraphs

An important part is placed in your introductory paragraph - your thesis statement, the main idea you have to develop. A good thing to do here is to write an extensive piece that will reflect how the idea introduced in the thesis statement is related to your life. Being an argumentative essay on your personality, it has to provide arguments and facts.

If you are reflecting on a huge and extensive effect of music lessons on your personal development, provide real facts and talk from your own perspective instead of developing a generic plot. Recall your experience and think about the ways it can be applied in real life.

While developing the main body paragraphs, keep in mind that the main task is to come up with the answer to the question raised in the introductory paragraph. As soon as you've done it, rest assured you've fulfilled one of your main goals.

Drawing up a Decent Conclusion

The most acceptable and appropriate way to end your story is to summarize everything you wrote about. Go over the main points again to allow your readers to refresh them. Reflect on the thesis statement and insert an extra hook to make your reader think about the events described in your story. Do not introduce new ideas and strictly follow what you started telling about. If you bring in a new idea, it will confuse the reader and ruin the intended goal.


Extra Practical Tips

  1. Stick to simplicity, not complexity.
    It is much better to come up with a simple language that makes your writing easy-to-read and less technical. Ascertain that you understand all the words you use, find synonyms, and make your essay richer.
  2. Take your time and write in advance.
    Get down to writing as soon as you get the assignment. It will give you time to proofread your text and introduce all the necessary changes to it.
  3. Don't rely on spellcheckers only.
    As we have lots of them introduced these days, you may feel confident in what you write. Even so, keep in mind that they still can overlook a couple of typos and incorrectly used words. Read twice or even three times to ascertain that everything is correct.
  4. Stay away from hot topics.
    As we have already mentioned above, do not choose to reflect on sensitive matters. By following this tip, you can avoid hurting somebody's feelings and sparking unnecessary conflicts.
  5. A good recommendation is to tell about your family members.
    You can describe what happened to people close to you, the ways they solved the issues, and what lesson they learned. It will add a lot to the credibility of your writing.
  6. If you feel you lack ideas, you need to find the source of inspiration.
    It can be books or movies. Talking to your friends, mates, or just people you find interesting will definitely give you a couple of fresh ideas to write about.
  7. Pay close attention to the formatting.
    There is nothing extra difficult, but you should make the story about yourself neat and accurate. Mind the font, intervals, borders, and size.
  8. Be realistic.
    It is also a good idea to introduce statistics and figures, which will make your essay more trustworthy. Do not make up any numbers, find real data and refer to it.

Now that you have a firm idea about how to write an essay about yourself, you can easily come up with refined creation for your admission officer. Don't let it slip your mind that writing your essay isn't the only way to go here. You can turn to custom papers services for help and receive a refined, high-quality essay at the lowest price!


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